Adhikar Aur Adhinta / अधिकार और अधीनता

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Adhikar aur Adhinta / अधिकार और अधीनता
Author by: Watchman Nee
Language: Hindi
Dimension: 21x14x1.5cm
Weight: 250g
Published by: Living Stream Ministry
About The Book
  • Exploration of Biblical Principles: The book delves into the dynamics of authority and submission as outlined in the Scriptures, offering a deep understanding of their spiritual significance.
  • Insightful Analysis: Watchman Nee provides an insightful analysis of the roles and responsibilities associated with authority and the importance of humility and obedience in submission.
  • Guidance for Christians: It offers practical guidance for navigating relationships within the church, family, and society, emphasizing the need to honor the divine order.
  • Paperback Format: Available in a durable paperback binding, making it convenient for readers to carry and access.
  • Spiritual Growth: Aimed at readers looking to deepen their spiritual life, the book applies biblical principles to everyday living, encouraging a closer walk with Christ. "

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