Bahari Manushyatva Ka Tootna / बाहरी मनुष्यत्व का टूटना और आत्मा की मुक्ति

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Bahari manushya ka tootna aur aatma ki mukti / बाहरी मनुष्यत्व का टूटना और आत्मा की मुक्ति
Author by: Watchman Nee
Language: Hindi
Dimension: 21x14x1cm
Weight: 200g
Published by: Living Stream Ministry
About The Book
"Bahari Manushya ka Tootna aur Aatma ki Mukti" by Watchman Nee, available in paperback binding, is a compelling exploration of spiritual growth and transformation. This book, translated into Hindi, delves into the necessity of breaking the 'outer man' to unleash the 'spirit' within, according to biblical teachings. Nee articulates how this process is crucial for deepening one's relationship with God and for the effective living out of Christian faith in daily life. It's an essential read for those seeking to understand the path to spiritual maturity and the release of the Holy Spirit's power in their lives.

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