Ibrahim, Ishak Aur Yakub Ka Parmeshwar

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Ibraham, Isahak aur Yakub ka parmeshwar / इब्राहीम, इसहाक और याकूब का परमेश्वर
Author by: Watchman Nee
Language: Hindi
Dimension: 21x14x1.5cm
Weight: 220g
Published by: Living Stream Ministry
About The Book
"Ibraham, Isahak aur Yakub ka Parmeshwar" by Watchman Nee, offered in paperback, delves into the heart of biblical faith through the lives of these three patriarchs. This Hindi translation brings to life the enduring lessons of obedience, faith, and God’s faithfulness. Nee illuminates how the experiences of Ibraham, Isaac, and Jacob reveal aspects of God's character and His dealings with His people, offering timeless insights for believers seeking to deepen their relationship with God in today's world.

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